What's this all about?

BitPonies is a game centered around breedable, collectible and eventually raceable horses!

Bitponies is built on blockchain technology -just like Bitcoin and Ethereum.
The blockchain technology will secure your BitPonies, tracking ownership and transactions.
BitPonies are cryptocollectibles. This means you will be able to buy, sell or trade your Bitponies like cards, stamps, or any other collectible.
Soon you will be able to race with your BitPonies against other players' Bitponies.

There's a lot to discover when two BitPonies make one more. With dominant and hidden traits in each BitPony, not only can players build their ideal BitPony - but they can also discover unannounced mystery traits and claim the bragging rights to first ownership, forever!

Curious about how this all works?

Check out our Tech Details here.

Coming soon...

Who will own or breed the true champion? Stay tuned for news on racing!

Where to start?

Getting started is easy: head over to our marketplace and browse the selection.
New to crypto technology? We have plenty of useful information in our F.A.Q.s to get going.